Math is one of the most important subjects out there. It is the subject of numbers, measurements, and shapes that demands much logic and critical thinking. All curriculums worldwide have a math subject in primary and secondary education. In all the college or university programs, you will encounter several math problems in tertiary education. Therefore, be prepared to solve equations in your entire school education.

You should be aware that learning and applying math does not end in school. Mathematical concepts are all around us as math is used daily in professions. The real-life application of this subject can be found in economics, natural science, engineering, finance, and medicine, among others. More so, in every invention ever discovered, every building or bridge ever constructed, or army ever planned, math was involved. If it was not for math, there would be no computers, commerce, science, cars, and most importantly, no money.

Understanding this subject is a life-changing event. You need to go out of your way and learn it. It is not an easy process for everyone but the good thing is that we will assist you. We have advanced online tutors that will help you solve and answer any and every equation. If you have math anxiety, are unsure of a math answer, or want to become a math expert, be it in high school, college, or university, we have your back.

History of math

Although math homework is tied with school, math itself existed even before the commencement of school. It is as old as humanity. Archeologists show that the earliest forms of humans used bones to tabulate. Geometry and arithmetic were among the first concepts. With time, they brought about the foundations of algebra, which was advanced and led to the emergence of calculus. Math was necessary for every society and structure, including all great civilizations like the Chinese, Greeks, Roman, Islamic Empires, etc.


The Father of Mathematics, Archimedes, was one of the renowned pioneers of math. In the BC era, he introduced formulas for calculating the volume and surface area of solids. Other vital math geniuses that followed Archimedes are Pythrogras, Aryabhatt, and Euclid. The term ‘mathematics’ has its roots in the Greek language. Math has evolved ever since to date due to immense leaps in science, exploration, and technology.

Why is math important?

Some of you see math homework as a punishment or as if you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. But this is not the case. As mentioned above, math is vital in each aspect of our lives. Due to this, this part will dive into why having skills in solving math problems is a strength for everyone. In short, it will reiterate the benefits of math skills in our personal and professional lives.

Improves creativity and analytical skills

The two most desirable skills in an employee are creativity and good analysis capabilities. These two skills are greatly enhanced when you become better at solving mathematical problems. Many studies support this notion. For instance, a professor at Stanford University did research and declared that students who perform exceptionally in math tend to be good at decision-making. It is because they are good at visual attention and use logic to identify multiple solutions and choose the best from the pool. Her study further shows that the brains of students who are good at math greatly develop the structures needed for effectively processing information.

Helps you secure a career

The other amazing benefit of becoming an expert in calculations is that you increase your chances of landing a well-paying career. Many careers like engineering, manufacturing, finance, economics, and science work depend on math to execute daily processes and procedures.

Applied in real-world events

You will inevitably utilize numbers in many real-world events. Rocket scientists, a biologist, teachers, CEO, entrepreneur, or any professionals need to do some calculations at a certain point in their roles. Math calculations are also evident in mundane life events like managing finances and cooking.

In finances, you can easily balance your budget and bank account figures if you understand math well. The same applies when you are cooking. If you are a chef and a math expert, you will easily deduce that eight tablespoons of flour are approximately a cup of flour. Another example is when you are cooking a recipe that ought to feed 3 people, and you have 12 visitors. In this case, you will need to increase the recipe by four folds. You see, you need math everywhere. Having this easy calculation skill while cooking will help you avoid many issues like cooking food that is not enough. 

If you are not able to understand this math or have a hard time doing math, you can reach out to us and we will help you get the correct math answers.

Developing problem-solving skills

One of the most prominent underlying principles of mathematicians is problem-solving. These individuals are likely to see solutions to problems because this is how they approach equations. They have dedicated much time to solving equations, up to the extent that when they come across problems, their first thought is to find a solution to the problem. We face problems regularly, and those who are better at coming up with solutions tend to excel more. This shows you that math is vital in attaining success and begs the question, Is math important to you?

Assists in understanding the world better

Learning math lets you comprehend the world better. Knowing the fine details underlying math concepts makes you think out of the box and understand the world differently. Albert Einstein is one of the many that acknowledges this idea. Einstein stated that he was able to decipher the mysteries of the universe such as gravity when he applied geometry. Another way of understanding the world better by using math is through probability and statistics. These two can help you approximate the death tolls of natural disasters and calamities like earthquakes. Similarly, algebra will help you realize how fast pollution occurs and the number of people that will be affected by it.


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Overall, the list for the application of mathematics is endless. Even if you do not see yourself applying math in any of these events, know that there will come a time that you will need advanced math skills. Better to be prepared than sorry. For now, do that math homework. If you want to learn basic math skills or improve math, continue reading this article.

Fundamentals, Topics, and Electives in Math

Many concepts exist in the math field. Some are underlying concepts, while others are topics and electives.

Fundamentals of Math

Fundamentals of math are the basic units that assist in creating strong mathematical groundwork. If you desire to be an expert in this field, you thus should first understand the fundamentals. For instance, if you do not comprehend the basics of multiplication and addition, then algebra will be problematic for you.  It is vital to master the fundamentals of math to understand math topics. The fundamentals include the following:

  • Subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication
  • Fractions and decimals
  • Rates and ratios
  • Estimation techniques
  • Geometry and measurement
  • Algebraic equations and expressions
  • Roots, exponents, and factorization

Common Topics in Math


Algebra is usually the first topic that you are taught in school. The chapters on this topic include the following:

  • Equations and quadratic equations
  • Functions
  • Graphing Linear expressions
  • Polynomials
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Matrices
  • Probability
  • Sequences and Series


  • Area
  • Transformations
  • Angles
  • Lines
  • Planes
  • Points
  • Parallel lines


  • Sines
  • Cosines
  • Circular functions
  • Inverse functions


  • Differentiation
  • Continuity
  • Definite and Indefinite integrals
  • Tangent Lines
  • Integration
  • Application of Derivatives
  • Continuity
  • Rates of Change

Electives in Math

On top of the common math topics, you can take other math courses prior to joining college or university. These courses are known as math electives. The electives help you to enhance your math skills, which you can use to revamp your college applications if you are applying for a major in math or STEM-related course. Some of the online math elective courses are as follows:

Algebra and Algorithms

This elective is best-fit for students who want to pursue a major in computer science. It may help you learn how to solve math problems that relate to matrix multiplication, polynomial, and binary numbers.

Introduction to Graph Theory

If you learn this elective, you will better present math results pictorially. You will additionally have a deeper understanding of designing integrated circuits and the working mechanisms of GPS systems, mainly how shortest routes are calculated.

Pre-University Calculus

Another good elective course to take if you are thinking of doing a math specialty or a program in the STEM field is Pre-University Calculus. This course will educate you more on the five areas that mainly make up the math bachelor’s curriculum. The areas are integration, equations, differentiation, functions, and analytical geometry.

Tips to learn and pass Math

Find online math tutors

One of the proven ways of understanding math better is through working with an online tutor. We have tons of academically competent math tutors who have immense teaching experience and provide a flexible tuition package. All the tutors have graduated from top US universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and Princeton.

How will our online tutors help you?

  • Prepare a study timetable that is catered to you.
  • Spot your weaknesses and provide strategies for improvement
  • Help you develop mathematical intuition that is vital when dealing with hard questions
  • Increase your speed and efficiency in solving math problems
  • Assist you in comprehensively going through your syllabus

Master the fundamentals concepts

All math problems utilize fundamental concepts. Once you learn these basics, you can pretty much solve a good number of problems, if not all. The fundamental concepts have been discussed above. Do not attempt to cram the procedures as it is counter-productive, instead understand the logic behind the processes.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The key ingredient to succeeding in math is practicing. Practice as much as possible. Even if you master the basics and can get the correct answers, continue doing new sums frequently. Some questions may look similar from the surface, but they employ different strategies. The more you practice, the more you will learn new angles of looking at them and solving them. Practice will also make you faster and more effective in dealing with sums. One way of practicing is doing your homework.

Apply math to real events

Go out of your way and apply math to real-life problems as much as you can. Doing this will assist you in discovering new perspectives and ways of assimilating ideas differently. In the end, you will be able to critically think and analyze math sums. Applying math in these instances can as well be seen as a way of practicing. The most common way you can apply math is through probability, where you try to predict the results of events.

Understand your weaknesses

Try as much as possible to identify math areas that you are weak in. You can do this by looking at the questions you have failed on an exam or noting down topics difficult for you when practicing. Once you have identified the topics, you can approach our tutor or start doing several sums on these topics.

Go to study groups

The other alternative to make you outstanding in math is studying in groups. Groups are everywhere nowadays. You can ask your instructors or peers at school where you can find math study groups or you can still search for them online, for instance, on platforms like Discord.

Set rewards

You can set rewards to stay focused and study in advance. Setting and implementing a regular study habit is not easy. You should set study milestones and a reward system for each step to keep you motivated.


The importance of math to our lives and society cannot be undermined. We use math in practically every aspect, which has helped us create monumental structures and processes. This has prompted us to discuss general math, as seen above. The first part of the article deeply explains what math is. The second one looks at math history, followed by the significance of math. From here, the article mentions the different concepts in math, namely the fundamentals, topics, and electives. Finally, tips are provided that may help students become math experts.

It is worth noting that we offer math homework help for all students and in all topics. Our tutors have advanced math skills, are flexible, and have been teaching for several years. Reach out to us if you have any difficulty in solving math or want to become better than you are.

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