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Has your instructor told you to open a specific website link and provide Cengage answers? There is a high chance that you have heard these words, and now you are on a new online learning platform, staring at several questions for which you don’t have answers. Your heart is racing crazily and stress has begun to set in. What do you do next? 

You take a deep breath and contact us. Then wait for us to seamlessly solve the Cengage assignment problems.  We have a record of helping students score exceptionally on Cengage homework, quizlets, and exams. So, sit back, relax and let our professionals deliver the answers.

What is Cengage 

Cengage is a multinational company that focuses on making significant feats in the online education sector. One of the biggest feats is its Cengage learning education system (LMS) which is used by over 20,000 educational institutions and more than 12M students around the globe. This system has versatile applications, the main one being that it can integrate practically all learning modalities. It has coursework in each discipline, and under each coursework, there are tens of Cengage assignments and thousands of e-textbooks. 

webassign answer

The number of institutions employing Cengage LMS is increasing exponentially. Thus, if your instructor has already introduced you to Cengage, know that it will not be the last you hear of it. The obvious thing to do is for you to learn about its features and how to get the correct Cengage keys. If you have any difficulty at any stage, we are here to help. Our second-to-none experts will help you have a good grip on the platform and solve all and any Cengage homework answers. 

How to get Cengage answers for Mindtap, WebAssign, SAM, CNOW, OWL, and INFUSE

The other reason why Cengage’s popularity is increasing at an enormous rate is that it has several platforms in it. There are a total of six platforms: Mindtap, WebAssign, SAM, CNOWv2, OWL, and INFUSE. All these platforms have their own distinct features and applications, but the general qualities they share are that:

  • They allow instructors to set courses works and assignments
  • Offer e-textbooks and study tools to students

Nonetheless, others are more popular than others. For instance, most of the students seek answers to Mindtap Cengage, WebAssign Cengage, and SAM Cengage. The other thing to note is that, in some instances, you will find these platforms interlinking. Maybe you can find yourself working on Mindtap WebAssign answer, and when you click on the results section on the tab, the results are opened by CNOW Cengage. Anyway, this should not worry. Getting correct answers is all that matters.

Our homework experts understand all the fine details of all these six platforms. So, if you need Mindtap answers, SAM answers, or WebAssign answers, you are at the right place. Just place an order with us.

What answers do we help you get for Cengage?

Cengage practically consists of all disciplines, and the assignments' questions can take any form. The platform with the most disciplines is Mindtap Cengage, followed by WebAssign Cengage, then SAM Cengage. The specific subjects in each are as follows:

WebAssign Cengage

SAM Cengage

  • Keyboarding
  • Computer Education
  • Computer & Information Technology

Mindtap Cengage

It offers all the above subjects and others like:

  • Accounting
  • Automotive & Trucking
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Business Law
  • Business Communication
  • Communication Studies
  • Counselling
  • Earth Science
  • Economics
  • Theatre
  • Welding, etc

Normally, you will not see all of these subjects when you log in to Cengage. You will only see the ones that concern you, and your instructor will set questions based on your field. Whatever the field you are in, we have the most qualified expert for that who is ready to solve all your problems in a timely manner and ensure you get nothing less than 90%.  

How to view Cengage Mindtap assignments

Two of your instructors have sent Cengage assignments today, one is a Cengage homework essay, and another is a Cengage exam. Then before another thought comes to your mind, you remember there were other three assignments that were handed out in the course of the week. How do you view all five Cengage assignments? Which one is more urgent than the other? Where do you start? It’s simple, follow the three steps below.

If you had not opened an account with Cengage, you should start by creating one. After this step, you will need to do the other two steps. You will only take less than 10 minutes to complete all the steps.

Cengage Answers

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Step 1: Register with Cengage

In many instances, you will create an account on Cengage by using your school’s learning management system. Some examples of this system are BrighterSpace, Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard Learn, Edmodo, and Google Classroom. If you are unaware of your school's system, you can ask your peers or instructor.

Once you login into your school's learning management system, search for Cengage and click “Register.” Register by using your student’s email. If you cannot register on Cengage, you can view the Cengage training video or contact Cengage support.

Step 2: Go to Cengage Dashboard

Once you have created a Cengage account, log in and go to the dashboard. High chances are that you will land on the “Dashboard” when you log in on Cengage.

Step 3: Look at the assignments on Cengage Calendar

Find a Calendar tab by hovering your cursor. You can find the tab on the top or right section. Alternatively, you can look at the assignments individually by opening each course/module and going to the assignment section. But it’s better to use the Calendar tab as it lists all the assignments in each module.

Follow the same steps if you want to view Cengage SAM assignments, Cengage WebAssign Assignments, or any other homework on the other platforms of Cengage.

What do the different colors on Mindtap Cengage homework mean?

Cengage Mindtap assignments are usually highlighted in different colours. Keenly note the following colors as they tell you the stage you are in.

Blue: you have not opened or started working on the assignment

Blue with an ellipsis: you have started, though you did not provide all the Mindtap answers

Green: you have answered all problems

Yellow: deadline is due in three days

Red: Mindtap assignment is past due. You can still handle the assignment even if it's overdue, though you will receive a penalty for lateness. You will find these types with a red shade. 

Grey: In this case, you will not be able to find the answers to these Cengage Mindtap assignments as they are unavailable, mostly because they are long overdue.

How can you know the right Cengage assignment answers? 

You have signed in to Cengage, seen the assignment, and tried some of the questions. But you are not getting answers to the questions. The next thing many of you do is to ask yourself several questions, like “how to get Cengage answers?” No need to beat yourself with questions, just follow these three strategies named below. They are surefire ways of getting correct answers.

  1. Simply contact us. This is the easiest way as you only need a few minutes to open an account with us and post your order.
  2. Consult your peers.
  3. Find the answer key to the Cengage question. (What is a “Cengage answer key?” It will be explained in the following paragraph).

What is an answer key in Cengage?

A Cengage answer key is a learning material that offers a solution to a question. The learning material can be a section of a book or lecture notes or a website.  A key is available on all platforms of Cengage. For instance, you can find SAM answer key and Mindtap Answer Key. In most instances, your instructors will dictate when and where the answer key will appear.  Instructors provide answers key to help students arrive at the correct answer and assist them in learning more as they will peruse the learning materials searching for answers.

Now that you have understood what is an answer key, where do you find it?  Cengage keys typically occur in the following three areas:

  1. Your instructor may set it to appear after you have worked on a specific number of questions in a Cengage homework
  2. It may appear after a deadline
  3. It may occur when you skip a step or question.

What happens when you are interrupted while doing Cengage exams or quizlets

Online studying has its pros and cons. You very well know the pros, but what about the cons? Let’s say you are answering Mindtap exams, and then you get interrupted. What will happen? Interruptions can be of many kinds, maybe you want to go to the washroom, your favorite friend has come, you are hungry, you have lost internet connection, and so on. 

Nothing consequential will happen when you break midway through a Cengage homework, exam, or Quizlet. The system is effective enough as it will remember the last Cengage solution you filled in and continue from there.

Can Cengage detect cheating? 

Many of you ask questions regarding cheating on Cengage learning. Some of the questions we see a lot are; does Cengage detect cheating? How to cheat on Cengage exams, etc. While others have gone as far as to google Cengage solutions, Cengage cheat sheet, Cengage answer keys. But be warned, the cheating strategies that you see on the internet for Cengage assignments should not be trusted for several reasons.

  1. Cengage has rigorous anti-cheat programs
  2. Some of the cheat answers or steps are incorrect.
  3. The instructors can view many details of your Cengage account, such as if you have read the notes, how long you have spent on Cengage, and your IP address, among others.

So, what is a safer and more reliable way to get answers for Cengage homework? We are the best when it comes to answering any of your Cengage homework, be it Mindtap Cengage accounting answers, SAM Cengage computer answers, WebAssign homework answers, and so on. Reach out to us, and we will answer for you the Cengage problems in a manner that the system nor your instructor will not detect.

How to see my Mindtap Cengage answers

Cengage has an advanced feature that allows you the student to view your answers and print them for future reference. Woo-hoo, is this amazing or what? After you have submitted your assignment, go to the results section in Mindtap and you will be able to see your answers. For other platforms, like WebAssign, that do not have the ‘results’ section, go to the ‘report’ section of an already completed assignment.

There are several ways you can use when you desire to print the results. 

How are Cengage answers graded?

Several ways exist on grading your Cengage test. Your instructors can manually do it, or your instructors may tell the Cengage systems how to grade the answers. Grading by the Cengage system is more efficient as it happens automatically and quickly. If the deadline is due, the system will automatically grade the answers that you have provided. Also, as soon as you are through, the grades will be out, and you can immediately check the questions you got right and wrong. 


Cengage Learning has revolutionized the way you study online in myriad ways. It has multiple platforms that allow your instructors to teach and examine you in any course. The main platforms include Mindtap Cengage, SAM Cengage, and WebAssign Cengage. These platforms have all the disciplines and subjects you can think of, though some have more than others, like Mindtap. 

Other important features you get when using Cengage are that you can view all your assignments for all your courses under one page. The Cengage system will remember where you were last after an interruption, and you will continue from there. Lastly, the system grades your work in a fraction of a second. To get instant mindtap or webassign answers or any homework help, kindly place an order now.

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