Are you a new student who is wondering what an essay is and how to write it? Well, worry no more because acemyhomework is here to help. Students around the globe are introduced to essays in childhood, starting middle school, and their complexity progresses as one advances academically. Many are not prepared for this, but we have prepared a comprehensive guide on what to expect, in addition to how our company fulfills this need. Please keep reading to find out more about essays and our stellar writing services. 

What Is An Essay?

An essay refers to a literary composition meant to analyze, interpret, or criticize a concept. Essays tend to be short, ranging from a few hundred words to several pages. They also follow a linear structure, so you should present one idea at a time to maintain a consistent flow. In your studies, you will write several essays to demonstrate your knowledge of the concepts taught. These essays account for a percentage of your total grade, so utmost care is needed when writing them. Your instructor will give you marks based on various factors such as your flow, consistency, and the quality of your points. 

Essay Structure

When writing an essay, you should separate the different types of information available into subsections such as introduction, thesis statement, analysis, and summary. The introduction appears after the name and title, while the conclusion is located towards the end. Within the body, paragraphs are arguments and counterarguments that offer analytical insight into the topic at hand. The length and number of body paragraphs depend on the total word count. 

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Most importantly, an essay should have a thesis statement. This comes at the end of the introduction and is when a writer states their point of view regarding the topic. For example, a five-page essay on security would have a thesis like: Guns help promote security. The rest of the paper is then spent trying to prove the thesis statement is true using a combination of arguments, facts from peer-reviewed sources, and counterarguments. 

An essay, therefore, seeks to answer the what, how, and why of the phenomenon in question. "What" defines the issue and relevant terms surrounding it. The "How" allows the introduction of new material that proves the essay’s thesis in light of any counterarguments. The "why" answers the value of your interpretation with regard to this phenomenon, hence highlighting the point of the essay. 

As seasoned experts, we follow this structure to ensure all our essays are well-written with developed arguments and credible sources to back them.

Types of Essays

Instructors are likely to require one from among the many types of essays. We offer writing services on all of them. To understand which category your essay falls under, check the following list:

1. Analytical Essay

This describes an issue and provides the advantages and disadvantages to help form an analysis. For example, an analytical essay would involve writing about how criminal proceedings are undertaken and the benefits and disadvantages of the judicial process. 

2. Narrative Essay

This genre involves telling a personal story and may also include an academic argument. They use the first-person point of view and are non-fiction; hence can be used for creative purposes. The most common use of narrative essays is in scholarship essays and college application essays. 


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3. Comparative Essay

A comparative essay is an essay that asks for a comparison of two or more items to demonstrate a point, such as comparing the nursing practice in America compared to Europe. As such, it analyzes both topics, their similarities, and their differences using supporting evidence. 

4. Expository Essay

It is the most basic essay genre which aims to identify and define a concept, then expound on it and present an argument on the idea. For this reason, professors use this essay type to test students’ knowledge of factual information. 

5. Persuasive Essay

This is also known as argumentative writing, this writing seeks to persuade the reader to adopt the writer’s point of view. Consequently, the writer needs to utilize ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos refers to components of persuasion based on the speaker’s knowledge and credibility. Pathos is the appeal to emotions that makes the essay compelling. Logos refers to the persuasive appeal to rational and logical thinking. 

6. Descriptive Essay

This essay variety describes an event, process, person, or object in detail. Topics range from common places or events but can also involve abstract topics. When writing about abstract or technical topics, you should aim to display your extensive knowledge on the subject, while if you write about personal topics, you should use vivid language and a creative tone to hook the reader.

The direction of your essay is also conditional on the instructions provided, so be sure to look through these before selecting an option on our drop-down menu. 

7. Critical analysis essay

A critical analysis involves an analysis of a piece of literature for the themes and literary styles. You may also use external sources to support your arguments. This essay form helps evaluate and present a subjective observation.

8. Cause and effect essay

This essay category examines the relationship between things and how one factor influences others. It flows in chronological order, beginning with the cause and then explaining the effect.

Why Students Seek Our Essay Writing Services

Institutions of higher learning tend to attract a diverse group of students ranging from working professionals to young adults. As a result, they have different priorities and schedules. Among the reason you or your peers will seek our reputable services is:

1. Urgent Deadlines

Your instructor may provide a paper to be done within a short time. However, you may also have other courses with due assignments, thus requiring a lot of your time. For this reason, we offer essay writing by experts on an urgent basis at affordable rates. You can place an order anytime and anywhere since our customer care agents are available 24/7.

2. Due To A Lack Of Technical Expertise

High school and college offer different academic experiences, with content becoming more complex as you progress. You may not be ready for the topics at advanced levels, and your instructor may be burdened with the needs of tens or even hundreds of students. We have a range of technical experts ready to attend to your needs. 

3. To Get Better Grades

A human being cannot be perfect. As such, you will have trouble acquiring certain skills and competencies more than others. This can lead to poor grades, which can hurt your overall score and affect your job prospects. No matter your reason, it is important to perform well in your studies, and our experts can help you achieve that. Our writers are experienced and knowledgeable on several academic formatting styles and rules, so you will pay for expertise.

4. To Deal With Stress And Anxiety

The majority of students are either coming of age as adults or juggling careers and their studies. Undoubtedly, this is stressful, and many develop anxiety due to the pressure. Hiring our writers can help alleviate this stress. We prioritize professionalism; hence you can rest easy while we craft a high-quality essay specific to your needs. 

5. To Have Free Time

Youth is a time to make memories. At this stage, you have minimal responsibilities and can get away with partying and spending time making new friends. Once you graduate, this time and freedom will be severely limited as you begin working. As such, you can hire essay writers to give you more leisure time.

What You Can Expect From Our Essay Writing Services

1. Plagiarism-free Papers

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. The use of another person’s ideas shows that the individual is incapable of using their own expertise in the matter to develop coherent arguments. 

2. Quality Guarantee

Unlike other shady service providers, we have years of experience under our belts and a large number of returning happy clients. As a result, you can expect satisfaction when you order a paper from us. Additionally, we offer free revisions in case you would like any edits.

3. Affordable Services

Students wrongly believe that quality essay writing services are expensive. However, this could not be further from the truth. Or services are highly affordable since we have many returning and new clients, we can afford to charge lower prices in comparison to competitors. 

4. 24/7 Customer Support

Sometimes, papers are due at odd hours of the day. Other times, you are expected to attend online classes, and the hours are a challenge. Worry not. We offer 24/7 customer support whenever you need it. Need that paper by midnight? Don’t worry; we will deliver.


Every student will likely come across essay assignments in their academic journey. As you advance, you will meet more complex concepts and are required to write in other styles. At times, you will require expert advice and services on how to properly approach these topics. Accordingly, we offer expert essay writing services that are sure to have you acing all your classes. Don’t wait any longer; book today and begin your optimized academic journey with us.

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