Wellness Education Program Proposal

MASTERS PREPARED NURSE INTERVIEW. Interview a nurse who is master's-prepared in nursing and is using this education in a present position. Select someone who is in a leadership role. The purpose of the interview is to gain insight into the interplay among education, career path, and opportunities. Be certain to identify specific competencies that the MSN-prepared nurse gained, and is presently using, that reflect advanced education. Organize your interview around the topics below: Ø Overview of the master's-prepared nurse's career Ø Reason for seeking graduate education Ø Description of present position and role Ø Usefulness of graduate education for present role Ø Pearls of wisdom he/she is willing to share In 1,000 words, write the interview in a narrative format. Use the following guidelines: - Within the paper's introduction, explain your interview selection. - Do not identify the individual by name. - Use centered headings to separate parts of the interview. - In the conclusion, identify one or more competencies from the interview that are consistent AACN education essentials. - In addition, provide a statement that reflects what you gained from the interview. STRICT APA FORMAT PLEASE WITH IN TEXT CITATION AND REFERENCES. PLEASE USE THE INTERVIEW GUIDE IS BELOW IN ITALICS: Master’s Prepared Nurse Interview Guide Introduction In this section, provide the general purpose of the paper. State the reasons for selecting this individual as an interviewee. Do not use the actual name of individual. Overview of Career In this section, describe the interviewee’s career. Start with their pre-licensure education. It is appropriate to include geographical location, type of institutions(s), and type of position(s) held. In addition, include interesting facts, examples of practice, etc. Place information regarding their graduate program in the Graduate Education section. If the interviewee shared interesting and relevant personal information, this can be included as well. Graduate Education In this section, provide information about the graduate program: institution and type of program. Start by providing the reason why the interviewee chose to attend graduate school. Describe additional information that the interviewee may have shared about the graduate program. Present Position In this section, describe the interviewee’s present position. Identify specific competencies that the interviewee described as important to this position that were gained from the graduate program. Include other interesting information that the interviewee provided regarding the present position. Mention certification(s) if appropriate to present position. Pearls of Wisdom In this section, share special information about the interviewee, including lessons learned and any suggestions/advice the interviewee gave for individuals starting a graduate program. Conclusion In this section, summarize what was gained from the interview: what was learned about the effects of graduate education in regards to change in knowledge, skills, and attitudes; and perhaps how this fits with the program outcomes for a specialty. Describe what else may have been learned from the interview. End the conclusion with general comments about the selection of an interviewee and whether the interview developed a clearer idea as to what to expect from graduate education.

Wellness Education Program Proposal

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