Project Plan Presentation for Board of Directors

UnitedHealth Group is one of the managed health care organizations based on Minnesota. It deals with a spectrum of products and services using two operating businesses including UnitedHealth care and Optum where the two are subsidiaries of UHG. This organization is the parent of United healthcare that is the largest single health career in U.S. this group normally serves 70 million people in estimation throughput the country. Today, there is a report that there has great growth together with market share expansion. In 2015, the group grew to serve many than before and the management was better since there was lower healthcare costs. Also Optum brought strong organic growth on earning from the operations in 2015. Milestone One: Profile There are modest goals such as to improve the lives of others, advance the type of health care forever and so on. To do this and more will be supported by the environment which is will be empowering you to be the best. To include there is a financial need where one can tell the manager about any business opportunity that he/she has come across while still in the job in UnitedHealth Group. Such as special pharmacy. Moreover, there is a relaxed work environment. The room for growth will be high due to what the firm offers in return. Everything has it’s limitation since the firm has its downside which is the medical insurance and management but the payment is the best and also has good security. Healthcare Need or opportunity Modern Pharmaceutical drugs are providing important cures and treatment, with new remedies expected to come in future. Unfortunately, annual costs for some drugs may reach $35000 and in some cases can exceed $ 100,000. right now these drugs are occupying about ¼ of the total drug expenditure in U.S. and spending is expanding at a high rate even the growth rate of traditional drugs has reduced. Millstone Two: Draft of Evidence The issue on draft evidence is brief and contains new information from UnitedHealth Group on current trends. If there is implementation of affordable care act, the organization is capable of expanding the health insurance coverage and innovations in its service. This is my initiative and it will advance Medicare whenever there are challenges. Development of the initiative The population to be served are the old, young and pregnant women The initiative I have will solve the financial need as people will be helped by Affordable Care Act. My initiative will be tracking the costs. My goals at this Pont is to provide high quality care, reduce costs and achieve healthier outcomes. My initiative is focusing on these goals. Also there will be monitoring of key performance metrics as health care access and quality, costs, outcomes from the organization and population. Since spending on health care in U.S is higher than other countries, my initiative will cater for this so that the financial impact will be balanced. This initiative is very unique as it is developed with funding from private sector individuals. There is evidence showing that U.S Prices incompatible with one another for same devices and pharmaceuticals. My initiative is aiming at strengthening the capacity of the organization by having a good relationship with other staff, federal and state officials. Milestone Three: Draft of Implementation Plan The initiative is might be facing problems where it needs one to differentiate between whether it is research and non-research initiative. On the other hand, I have attempted much efforts to come up with criteria that clearly make this differentiation but it has been unsatisfactory. In regard to this initiative there is much time taken to determine whether or not the initiative meets the requirements for REB review. To address all these, I have developed a model of ethical reflection and review which takes an integral approach for all evidence generating my initiative. Problems and solutions the specific goals and milestones of implementation quality measures and strategies data collection method and how data will be analyzed Milestone Four: Draft of Evaluation Plan Compliance with all regulations and laws which are applicable with the business. Maintaining the highest ethical standards. Assisting employers conduct the adoption of plans which help workers save for medical expenses. Achieve tax saving. The specific goals and milestones of implementation Unstoppable innovation will advance treatment ways and improved quality of life for patients with complicated conditions. Better impacts and reduced costs will need a proper alignment of incentives and payment, information with care delivery having effective clinical management and the engagement of consumers and providers in decision about care. Quality measures and strategies My data collection method was quantitative research since it contains numerical value as seen below. Data collection method and how data will be analyzed 12 months ended Basic Earnings Per Share 1 Diluted Earnings Per Share 2 Dividend Per Share 3 Dec 31, 2005 2.61 2.48 0.02 Dec 31, 2006 3.09 2.97 0.03 Dec 31, 2007 3.55 3.42 0.03 Dec 31, 2008 2.45 2.40 0.03 Dec 31, 2009 3.27 3.24 0.03 Dec 31, 2010 4.14 4.10 0.41 Dec 31, 2011 4.81 4.73 0.61 Dec 31, 2012 5.38 5.28 0.80 Dec 31, 2013 5.59 5.50 1.05 Dec 31, 2014 5.78 5.70 1.41 Dec 31, 2015 6.10 6.01 1.88 strategies models, theories, and/or methods to support the change management post-implementation communication Milestone Five: Draft of Communication and Management Plan As all of us know no industry that is moving faster than the health care, and so no organization capable of leading the health care. However, if one is having an issue concerning the Board they can send a letter by using an email to the following address : UnitedHealth Group Incorporated P.O. Box 1230 Minneapolis, MN 55440-1230 ATTN: Secretary to the Board The shareholders communication will be little to the identified topics in a meeting. Strategies Normally managing a crisis issue through to resolution in large organizations needs more rapid decision making together with communication process than is used in day to day business operations. For instance, the UnitedHealth Group even management plan assigns both the management organization and communication process authority to facilitate a timely response to major changes affecting the business operations, employees, with the goal to minimize damage to the organization’s ability to serve patients, or members and the key stakeholders. Models, theories, and/or methods to support the change management The first step to come up with a successful communication plan is to establish clear and measurable goals. After that audience and the communications features will be designed to help you reach goals. The below shows how all of the steps are designed. 1. Establishing the Goals for Your Communication Plan (What is your ultimate goal? How do your want your implementation initiative to be perceived?) 2. Defining Key Audiences (Who do you ultimately want to influence, and how can you reach them?) 3. Identifying Key Messages (What messages are going to resonate most strongly with your key audiences?) 4. Creating a Tactical Outreach Plan (How are you going to get your messages to your audiences?) 5. Developing Materials (Descriptions of materials you may want to develop to convey your messages to your audiences.) 6. Specifying A Timeline (We present a recommended timeline to follow, coordinating your research and your communication plan.) 7. Post-study: Communicating Your Research Results (Considerations for communicating with your audience after your project has been completed.) Post-implementation communication This project plan is for the board of Directors. Where it keeps track of the staff, patient and stakeholders details. The project is complete containing all the critical elements of the final project reflecting the incorporation of feedback got in the course. conclusion Healthy Work Environments: Standards. (2011). Retrieved from Heller, B. R., Oros, M. T., & Durney-Crowley, J. (2011). The Future of Nursing Education: Ten Trends to Watch. Retrieved from Health Policy Brief, Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Health Affairs, November 25, 2013. 2 UnitedHealth Group, internal analysis, 2013. Sorrell, J., (August 20, 2008) "Ethics: Ethics in Healthcare Organizations: Struggling with New Questions" OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, Vol. 13 No. 3. Shortell SM, Reinhardt UE, editors. Improving health policy and management: nine critical research issues for the 1990s. Chicago: Health Administration Press; 1992. Health Care Management System (Hcms) Project Plan. Anti Essays. Retrieved June 28, 2016, from the World Wide Web: Dinkins, C.S. (2006). An ancient ethics for 21st-century healthcare. In C.S. Dinkins & J. S. Sorrell, Eds., Listening to the whispers. Re-thinking ethics in healthcare. Interpretive studies in Healthcare and the Human Sciences, Vol. 5, 184-189. Madison WI: University of Wisconsin Press. References Davis K. International health policy: common problems, alternative strategies. Health Aff. 1999;18(3):135–43. ames B. Quality improvement opportunities in health care—making it easy to do it right. J Manag Care Pharm. 2002;8(5):394–9. Boyle DK, Kochinda C. Enhancing collaborative communication of nurse and physician leadership in two intensive care units. J Nurs Adm. 2004;34:60–70. Healthcare Forum Leadership Center, National Civic League (1994). Healthier communities action kit. San Francisco, CA: Healthcare Forum. Ethics Article Review Paper. Anti Essays. Retrieved July 1, 2016, from the World Wide Web: United Health Case Study. Anti Essays. Retrieved July 1, 2016, from the World Wide Web:

Project Plan Presentation for Board of Directors

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