Patient Pamphlet and Professional Memo on Coronavirus

Patient Pamphlet on Coronavirus ( 2 pages). The information you provide here will inform patients & their families about Coronavirus in a general way. Your end-product will look a lot like a brochure you would find in a doctor’s office letting the general public know basic information about Coronavirus. What is it? How does it transfer? What are the symptoms? Is there a treatment? Prevention? Why the need for social distancing?

Professional Memo on Coronavirus (1 page). This memo will be written for technical audiences. Describe a fictitious outbreak scenario of Coronavirus in your local hospital. As the head nurse in your facility you must write a memo about 1 page (no more than 1 page) to your hospital staff regarding the scenario, the nature of Coronavirus & actions to be taken to prevent the spread among patients and healthcare staff. (The emphasis is on prevention). What does your staff need to know? What precautions will keep your healthcare staff safe? What actions will keep it from spreading from patient to patient? How is it diagnosed? What is the value of diagnosing? What is the treatment and outcome? During your explanation use at least 7-10 scientific vocabulary words in bold and in color.

Patient Pamphlet and Professional Memo on Coronavirus

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must include APA citations of at least one credible scientific source, and a proper APA reference list for the sources you used.

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