With the help of the greater green bay healthcare alliance I will be proposing to standardize the way in which students are places into clinical sites within the green bay college system for acute care rotation of AND students. I will contact all hospitals including BellinHealth, St. Vincent’s, Brown county mental health center, Aurora, St. Mary’s, and Bay area medical center, and Oconto falls hospital and Bellin Psych. I am working with my preceptor Julie a faculty member and clinical coordinator for Rasmussen College in Green Bay. We will need to be in contact with and coordinate with NWTC, CMN, GB, and Bellin College. I hope to develop a standardized tool (computer program) that will enable everyone to click on website and see which clinical sites are available and which are taken making it easier to place students in an acute care clinical site. Planning to research other clinical placement tools out there and go from there.


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