Nursing Research

Identifying where the source of infection and lack of sterilization is the first step in minimizing and eradicating hospital-transmitted diseases caused by lack of sterilization. Once determined, certain guidelines and rules must be put into practice in order to maintain a low-to-nonexistent rate of transmission. Within the institution, an average rate of 6%-7% of diseases transmitted within the hospital (such as urinary tract infections) has been established, which mirrors the average worldwide. The population for my study are patients contracting hospital-acquired diseases due to lack of successful sterilization.  The population are participants over the age of 18.  Some of the challenges in obtaining a sample of the population would include permission from the committee and risk management department in studying a sensitive group with the potential to engage in litigation against the facility.  To overcome this challenge, participants will be recruited and a waiver would be obtained. References   Klevens, R. Monina, et al. “Estimating Health Care-Associated Infections and Deaths in U.S. Hospitals.” Advances in Pediatrics., U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2007.   Mercedes Yumar Nursing Research The population for my study are African Americans adults ages 19 years. The participants voluntarily signed a consent form once the project had been discussed with them. The 12-week project consisted of a one hour session each week which provided a 30-minute educational and a 30-minute physical activity session. The challenges for obtaining a sample from the population are consent and permission from the facility to identify who will qualify to participate. Another challenge is obtaining the tools needed for the research proposal: DASH Diet recommendation tools, action tool for implementation and training protocol for staff.  Setting area for meetings, follow up guidelines after implementation, and software for data analysis.  Other important tools include blood pressure machine, scale, and self-management tools.   References Al-Bayan, Maliyhah, Nadia Islam, Shawneaqua Edwards, and Dustin T. Duncan. 2016. "Neighborhood perceptions and hypertension among low-income black women: a qualitative study." BMC Public Health 16, no. 1: 1-10. Health Policy Reference Center, EBSCOhost   Muller Sanon Nursing Research The initial search will focus on CINAHL, PubMed, Cochrane, and Medline. Key search terms including CHF, congestive heart failure, chronic heart failure, post-discharge phone calls, discharge phone calls, hospital readmission, readmission, and re-hospitalization.  Inclusion criteria will be adult patients with HF discharged from an acute care setting.  Systematic reviews randomized controlled trials (RCTs), and observational studies will be the focus.  Studies will be appraised to ensure they meet inclusion criteria, referred to risk of bias in the results, and include a well-defined sample.  Studies will be excluded if they addressed patients discharged from a setting other than acute care. Team members will broaden the scope of the search to include interprofessional interventions as well as telephone calls to reduce hospital readmissions greater than 30 days for patients with HF.  Interventions include telephone calls made to patients after hospital discharge to home compared to usual care. Usual care included follow up with physician or HF clinic, visit by a HF nurse specialist, discharge instructions, and patient education after hospital discharge. Additional interventions compared to discharge telephone calls included case management in which multiple disciplines (social workers, pharmacists, nurse specialists, trained volunteers, and physicians) followed up with the patient after discharge.

Nursing Research

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