Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Organizations

St. Louis Medical Center (SLMC) has proudly served Summerville, Ironridge and the surrounding communities of Chamberlain County, South Carolina, for over 50 years. The organization has remained a key component in maintaining the health of the community at large. SLMC has over 500 physicians, approximately 450 nurses, and is one of the largest employers of the Chamberlain County area. SLMC takes pride in its ability to remain a leader in the healthcare industry statewide. The hospital has a continuous commitment to delivering the highest quality care by addressing crucial issues, such as patient safety, technology, and expanding services to meet community needs. SLMC has placed special emphasis on optimizing the quality of life of all those served by expanding beyond the traditional focus on medical needs to the needs of the whole person. SLMC has seen a sharp increase in the number of hospital admissions of elderly patients with heart failure and cardiovascular disease. Specifically, in the last 3 years, SLMC has had a 10% increase each year in the number of heart failure hospital admissions, of which, most were readmissions in the same year. Even though there is an increasing trend in the number of patients 65 years and older with heart failure on a national level, Summerville, in particular, has had to treat explosive numbers of this vulnerable population. Market Analysis Summerville, SC History Summerville is a city in South Carolina in the United States. It is bounded by Ironridge, SC, on the West, the Atlantic Ocean on the South and East, and Chamberlain 2 Island on the North. According to city records, the city has a total land area of 2.99 square miles. The city government consists of a Mayor, three township supervisors, and a solicitor. Summerville has its own police department. By 1790, Summerville had become a thriving village with business houses dispersed among the huts and log cabins. In 1817, a stage coach stop was added to this growing town. Harvey Summer, a successful logger, purchased a large parcel of ground and began to sell off lots. This brought more people to the town that was subsequently named after him. Summerville added a steel mill, and Mr. Summer’s logging company was relocated there. By 1940, Mr. Summer’s descendants opened an auction house after closing the logging company. This was a huge commercial attraction for the area and Summerville continued to grow. Other businesses moved to Summerville. This commercial core was the beginning of the Summerville we know today. Summerville has been thriving in this challenging economic time and has increased its population by 10% since 2016. This is an upscale community with modern, well-maintained homes. The SLMC is located within the Summerville city limits. There is also a city hall with a WIC office, movie theatre, shopping center, restaurants, grocery store, and several homes that line the Summerville streets. This is a suburban area with modern looking buildings and clean streets. There is a taxi service as well as a bus that transports people around Summerville and into Ironridge.

Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Organizations

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