Levy Family Episode 1 Program Transcript

FEMALE SPEAKER: You're not dressed? You're going to be late for work. MALE SPEAKER: I'm not going to work. I'm sick. FEMALE SPEAKER: Of course you're sick. You're hungover. I don't want the boys to see you like this. Go back to bed. MALE SPEAKER: See me like what? I told you, I'm sick. FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, what do you call it when someone is sick almost every morning, because they drink every night while they sit in the dark watching TV? MALE SPEAKER: You calling me a drunk? FEMALE SPEAKER: What do you call it? MALE SPEAKER: I call it, leave me the hell alone. FEMALE SPEAKER: Baby, you need to stop this. It's tearing us up. The drinking, the anger-- you're depressed. MALE SPEAKER: You said, for better or worse. FEMALE SPEAKER: My vows don't cover this. You were never like this before. You've changed. I want us back, the way we used to be. MALE SPEAKER: That way is dead. It died when I went to Iraq. Levy Family Episode 1 Additional Content Attribution MUSIC: Music by Clean Cuts Original Art and Photography Provided By: Brian Kline and Nico Danks

Levy Family Episode 1 Program Transcript

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