Example Health Promotion Strategies & Tactics

For the target population/community that will frame your research: · It could be a population defined by/as: · Chronic disease such as Obesity: trans-fat labeling; sugar/soda taxes/Schools · Tobacco · Alcohol · Seat belts · Workplace safety · Cancer · Prescription drug use · Drug abuse · HIV · Vaccine preventable diseases · Nutrition · Diabetes Behavioral tactics · Education · Attitudes · Beliefs · Values · Actions · Calorie counting, control of sugar intake · Could be a specific campaign or program aimed at increasing or decreasing behaviors (increasing knowledge of more healthful eating practices) · Could be a treatment (smoking cessation) · Think programs specific to behavior change Environmental · Increasing the number of safe walking paths so children are more likely to walk or bike to school · Increasing access to areas/locations to exercise · Drunk driving checkpoints · Providing community resources to reduce or limit specific behaviors · Increasing safe workplace practices · Prohibit smoking in the workplace Policy – Federal, state, or local · Laws · Ordinances · Tobacco tax · School lunch policy/Nutritional standards · Seat belt laws · Laws allotting funding for specific health programs · Affordable Care Act · Advocacy campaigns leading to policy enactment/development and/or law(s)

Example Health Promotion Strategies & Tactics

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