Discuss the Peer reply Understanding productivity and value

Comparable worth, which is also regarded as pay equality, is defined as a principle of receiving equal pay for equal value. There is a range of effective tactics that APNs can use to promote strategic positioning regarding their pay equality. In particular, they can measure their productivity with an account of the amount of the work done and clinical services provided under the available resources (Pickard, 2014). The other strategy refers to the avoidance of polarizing positions. Specifically, APNs should place a particular emphasis on the formation of those health delivery systems that are directly patient-oriented as well as the ones that are based on maintaining positive relationships. In other words, comparable worth should be a priority. APNs should promote the comparable worth, same service, as well as the same pay rather than position themselves as lower-cost providers who are able to provide better care. It is true that in comparison to physicians, APNs are able to offer high-quality care to patients at a relatively lower rate. However, how can physicians and APNs receive a different payment if they provide the same services? In this case, APNs should strive for better payment. Actually, the health care system should be focused on evaluating the services and resources provided rather than the type of the provider. APNs should position themselves at the forefront of innovative models of health care delivery to provide an opportunity for people to “age in place, become their own providers, and maximize wellness in their lives” (Mason, Leavitt, & Chaffee, 2016, p. 546). In other words, they should aim at enhancing their comparable worth since such a tactic would be beneficial not only for APNs but also for the U.S. health delivery system. As a result, the United States should redesign its health care and orient it to paying for value rather than other qualities. The main impact that global migration has on the nursing workforce is that it causes many imbalances in the resources that exist in the nursing field. This imbalance in the resources generally arises from the fact that when nurses migrate from their regions to others, they deplete the medical resources available in the areas where they go (Mason et al. 2013). At the same time, they leave behind underutilized resources from their regions, thus causing an imbalance in the resources. It mainly has a significant influence on the demand and compensation for the Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) in that; it takes time for the migrating nurses to comply with the policies of the countries where they migrate. For instance, they are required to fit in the tax systems as well as licensing systems of the countries where they go to work. On the other hand, shortage of nurses is one of the significant issues in the practice authority as well as collective bargaining which the nurses face. The implementation of policies for the nurses drags behind because of such situations that see limited nurses available to advocate for their needs to be addressed by relevant authorities. Advanced Practice Nurses are responsible for offering primary care to patients in emergencies. It is because research has established that chronic diseases go up as the populations become of age (Pickard 2014). Therefore, Advanced Practice Nurses are required to offer this primary care since the number of physicians globally is low. One of the most effective tactics that Advanced Practice Nurses should use to get pay equality is a partner with other doctors and healthcare providers, and improving skills and high quality in health care delivery service y continue education. As such, they will not isolate themselves from others, and thus, the government will pay them on the same scale as the others. They should therefore not accept to be low-cost service providers, but they should push for better pay the same as other healthcare providers as they provide quality healthcare.

Discuss the Peer reply Understanding productivity and value

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