Critical Reasoning

Read/review the following resources for this activity: · Textbook: All chapters · Lesson · Minimum of 1 scholarly source Initial Post Instructions Achievement is not a matter of GPA or points earned - or lost - on an exam. Achievement is measured in terms of the distance from where you started to where you are now. Everyone does not win - but everyone can achieve a personal best. Achievement is measured in how well you rise to a challenge; you do not have to win the Marathon, you need only run it. Perhaps you had personal challenges (kids, hurricanes) that you had to overcome. Perhaps your role as a caretaker caused you to be torn between two duties. Perhaps the subject matter, or the way in which it was presented seemed dense and impenetrable. In each case, you were faced with an issue - can I overcome this challenge? In each case, you concluded that you could because... For the initial post, examine your own argument, explaining how you argued your way through to success. Your stories will inspire others, but you are not required to share personal details that you may prefer to keep private. What we ask you to share are your thought processes - your arguments. How well did you do in this "marathon"? What did you learn here that will help you meet the challenge of the next marathon?

Critical Reasoning

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