medical ethics essay

Medical Ethics Please pick 4 of the follow questions and answer in essay format. Each response must be a minimum of one page each. Thus you should be turning in a minimum of 4 full pages double spaced. 1. Compare/contrast the theories of utilitarianism and categorical imperative. 2. Compare/contrast the theories of natural law theory and social contract theory. 3. What theory that we have discussed would be best applied in the issue of advanced directives? Why? What makes it best? 4. What theory that we have discussed would be best applied in the issue of patient autonomy? Why? What makes it best? 5. When looking at the question of abortion there are a number of different views presented. If we are to put all questions of abortion (rape, incest, unwanted pregnancy, extremely young girl pregnant, etc.) through the theory of utilitarianism what is the outcome for each scenario and how do they differ? 6. Do you think that there is one ethical theory that better answers most ethical issues than others? If so which one and why? If not could there ever be one and how?

medical ethics essay

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