Selecting A Population Health Problem

electing a Population Health Problem As you know, promoting positive social change is a part of the Walden mission. To be an effective agent for social change, nurses must be able to logically and critically analyze population health issues using epidemiologic concepts, and then communicate insights in a succinct and professional manner. This exercise will afford you such an experience. This week, you will complete Assignment 1 in preparation for Major Assessment 7, in which you will apply epidemiologic principles and develop an intervention for a health problem. For this Assignment, you will examine a health problem of interest to you, and you will develop a brief paper (2 pages) outlining the significance of the health problem and describing it in terms of person, place, and time. This outline will help your Instructor determine if the topic you selected is appropriate for the Major Assessment paper. Prepare for Assignment 1 as follows:
  • Review      the Major      Assessment Overview (see attached).
  • Determine      a population health problem that is viable for completing this paper. You      may use the problem you identified in the Week 12,      or Week 3 Discussion, or you may select a new one.
  • Determine      the characteristics of the health problem in terms of person, place, and      time.
  • Using      the Walden Library and credible websites, conduct additional research on      your selected population health problem. Consider the significance of this      health problem.
  • Examine      how Healthy People 2020, listed in the Learning Resources, supports the      importance of addressing your selected health problem.
  • Develop      a preliminary research question or hypothesis appropriate for your topic.
To complete: Write a  2-page paper that addresses the following: 1) Introduction (must end with a purpose statement, e.g. “the purpose of this paper is …) 2) Describe the population health problem in terms of person, place, and time. 3) From the primary research literature and Healthy People 2020, briefly explain the significance of this health problem. 4) Include your preliminary research question or hypothesis. (PICOT format for the research question). 5) A conclusion By Day 7 (tomorrow Sunday 03/18/2018 at 4 pm latest Submit your a 2-page paper in order to receive feedback on your topic

Selecting A Population Health Problem

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