The project plan is discussing the healthcare opportunity which will improve the lives of many. As you can see the organization is a broad spectrum facing challenges. The health care industry seems to be ongoing on the state of change. In this project you will see that the environment is also changing compared to other fields of health science. Also, one can see that the project s illustrating scenarios of growth over the next decade starting form next year. There is a number of new innovations, and the costs of medicine. The projections of spending in the part of UnitedHealth care’s recent historical experience in the growth and spending in insurance. The recent historical of the organization in the project, is showing the experience portrayed annually favoring growth up to 14%. What I have experienced in the project is much change. Health science students study a lot of transferable skills which are applied across engaging topics such as human structure or function, diseases, environmental and cultural influences on human behavior. I was introduced to HOSA by my high school friends through the health sciences program I had. This made me to be pass by an incredibly rewarding professional journey. The experiences and lessons I got from HOSA have opened me in learning experiences. I got a degree from University of Florida in Health Education. It was through the academic experiences I discovered I had a passion in preventative health and the rank of health literacy. After completing to serve as a health coach for a local hospital in my town, I started pursuing my Health Education Certification. As I think on my academic journey, I remember how much my story mirrors my friends’ stories. I always see a bit of myself in every friend. Similarly, their stories represent my own. My friends all became a part of my extended family and now they are an integral part of my community cultural value. I have learned a lot from our journey together. The stories we have are required in literature, am blessed to have the opportunity to be entrusted with these personal accounts and experiences. I am enthused beyond measure by the courage my friends had, strength, and heart. This enthusiasm informs how I perform my task as an administrator supporting people who want and have that passion of becoming health care providers. This education contributes to the academic knowledge on the way we think about recruiting students in a department of health sciences. However, I had some challenges. Education was the cornerstone in my area. There before I spent 12 years of my career on health science campuses at graduate and profession institutions, facing challenges and triumphs which was painful to me. Furthermore, there was a challenge in race and racism. Conclusion While indicating cheering signs of retrieval, today’s stinginess is on flimsy footing. There are limited economic sectors that are shining at the moment. Thus, the job market is a big problem. One of these is the health sciences industry. This is caused by the aging population together with the major transformations in the health care market, occupations in health sciences are expected to increase over the next decade and in future. In a U.S department of labor’s (Bureau of labor Statistics BLS), a job progress rate of 11% is predictable between 2012 & 2022 for all the livelihoods combined. References Winkleby, M.A., Ned, J., Ahn, D, Koehler, A., & Kennedy, J. D. (2009). Increasing diversity in science and health professions: A 21-year longitudinal study documenting college and career success. Journal of Science Education Technology. 18(6). 535-545. Walton, G. M., & Cohen, G. L. (2011). A brief social-belonging intervention improves academic and health outcomes of minority students. Science, 331(6023). 1447-1451. Yosso, T.J., Parker, L., Solórzano, D.G., & M. Lynn. (2004). From Jim Crow to affirmative action and back again: A critical race discussion of racialized rationales and access to higher education. Review of Research in Education, 28. 1-25. Health Care Management System (Hcms) Project Plan. Anti Essays. Retrieved June 28, 2016, from the World Wide Web:


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