Amanda Swenty The project seeks to explore the challenges that students encounter when they want to acquire experience from institutions from which they can get their hand on the very vital work experience and the way that such a problem can be addressed. Cases of students with the help of their academic institutions to fail to secure a place from where experienced can be gained in the field are ubiquitous. The predicament is a product of numerous numbers of students who want deployment opportunities against limited opportunities on institution related to their profession. Previous projects have been set with the view of addressing this problem and therefore this project was partly building on the developments that such organizations made to that effect. What necessitates this project however is the fact that previous projects have not fully addressed the issue and this explains why the problem continues to bite to date. The institutions that have in the past sought to address this problem include the Bay Area Nursing Resource Centre which sought to address the problem by ensuring that available opportunities are used to the greater extent in bid to address this issue. This project seeks to address the problem in the region of Northeast portion Winscousin by advancing more the approaches used by the Bay Area Nursing Resource Centre to solve the problem to the extent to which it ought to be solved. This project seeks to address the problem of insufficient opportunities in Winscousin for students through balancing the output from the academic institutions with the opportunities that the medical care in the region can produce at a time. The goal of the project is to increase the accessibility of attachment opportunities by medical students as well as improving the quality of health care in the country The objectives of the project can be formulated as follows. This project seeks to address the problem by creating extra opportunities in the health institution through lobbying the management of the institution to increase the size of their clinic so that the additional required nurses to be undertaken by the students. To establish a common pool of potential workforce by talking up with the school to provide a continuous contribution from which the companies can draw labor through the year is an objective of the project. To lobby for the revision of the fixed common attachment period by academic institutions to run throughout the year so as to create suitable workforce from which medical centers can draw workforce for extra staffing. This is another objective of the project. To improve the medical standards in the country by beefing up the number of the available workforce through the integration of more interns in the system that is currently understaffed. This can be based on the standards that are set by different medical institutions that unanimously attribute quality medical care with availability of enough workforces in the health sector. To solve the problem by using a computer program that shall help to the quick identification of the emergence of a new opportunity for attachment in the field is another objective of the project. To use research in order to arrive at more convenient ways through which the problem can be addressed better in the future is another objective of the project. To use data collected from the monitoring and evaluation sections within the course of the implementation of the project to rectify accordingly based on the available information. The preconditions necessary for the successful implementation of the project include increased medical allocations by the government so as to enable extension of the medical facilities in the region so as to allow the penetration of extra staff in the form of students who are on field attachment. This increased allocation on the part of the government will serve to construct extensions in the hospitals which will not only serve in the realization of the objectives of the project but also the attainment of the goal of the government of providing medical care for all; a condition that is currently unrealized. Computer software through which the available students for practicum can be matched with the available attachment opportunities in the medical institutions in the region for proper coordination of activities is required. It will be important in the course of the implementation of the project as it will aid in bringing sobriety in the manner in which emergent opportunities are linked to the available workforce. For example, to organize allocation of the opportunities on the basis of first com first served. Time is required for the mobilization of the academic institutions in the country to create a continuous duration through which the practicum exercise shall run. This is based on the fundamental assumptions that different academic institutions have different activities on their calendar and these calls for the occurrence of meeting by the respective stakeholders to deliberate on the matter so as to arrive to a conclusion and thus taking up a substantial period of time. Methodology to be used in the project include the use of computer software in allocating attachment opportunities to available students on the basis of first available first allocated consequently last available, last allocated. The use of open questionnaires will also be put in place so as to get feedback that can be integrated in the monitoring and evaluation reports to effect the desirable change during the implementation of the project. Use of surveys will be adopted to measure the extent to which the problem is solving the problem it set out to address. Again, this is paramount to ensure that the project remains relevant the change to conditions that made the project a priority might render the project unnecessary in the future. This project can be justified through the analysis of the data available that shows the extent to which students in the medical institutions in the regions are facing challenges in acquiring practicum opportunities from medical facilities in the country. According to the anticipations of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of 2005, there was an expected shortage of one million nurses in the United States of America by the year 2010. This shameful trend can be aided by the intervention of this project which calls for the assistance from all centers including the government as the well being of the state is anchored on this project. Formative evaluation of the project will be periodically done at the end of each implementation stage so as to ensure that the project is in line with the set out plan. Such laid down plan include funds which when not clearly administered can lead to the collapse of the project before it is actualized. It also helps to gauge whether the project is still relevant by evaluating the conditions that necessitated it. Summative evaluation will be done after duration of one year after the completion of the project so as to measure if the anticipated outcome of the project were realized. Indicators to the success of the project include decrease in the number of persons unable to get internship in the region as well as the level of medical health in the region which should be better based on the fact that a larger workforce has engaged the available patients. The implementation of the project is expected to take duration of two years. Additional time from the class schedule will be allocated so as to ensure the actualization of the project as its wide scope calls for lengthy periods for actualization.


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