Case Study Questions

CASE STUDY DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. What diversity issues are present in the case? 2. 2. How would you define diversity? What makes an organization diverse? 3. 3. How should Ralph open up the diversity conversation to the Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) as a whole? 4. 4. What conflict management tools should Ralph use to address the perceived cultural bias issues with the Corporate Leadership Team (CLT)? 5. 5. What effect did promoting Roosevelt to Senior Vice President (SVP) have on the organization? Why? 6. 6. Why did Ralph promote Roosevelt to Senior Vice President (SVP)? What did that signal to the organization and CLT? 7. 7. Which team is more important to have as high performers, the Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) or the Corporate Diversity Department (COD)? Why? 8. 8. What impact will increasing diversity have on team performance? Why? 9. 9. What leadership traits will be important for Mikayla to develop for the Chief Diversity Officer (COO) position? 10. 10. Is the current workforce diverse? In all professions? 11. 11. How much does the composition of the Board of Directors contribute to Ralph's decision-making?

Case Study Questions

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